Drama (Rules)

Please also see General Rules of the Festival here.

  1. Entries to be received by the Drama Chairman, Mrs Jackie Stuart, Byways, Sweetzers Piece, Mortimer RG7 3UX either by post or by email jackie@berksmusicandarts.org.uk, together with appropriate fees by 16th March 2018. All entries will receive competitor tickets by email. Late entries risk not being accepted.
  2. Entry fees as stated against each class. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Berkshire Music and Arts Festival’.
  3. All performers must be amateurs i.e. must act (without payment) only in their leisure time.
  4. Competitors must provide a copy of their chosen piece(s) for the adjudicator on the day.
  5. For ‘set’ pieces please only use version displayed on Berkshire Music and Arts Festival website.  No other version will be accepted.
  6. Time limits for each class will be applied. Points will be deducted for over-runs.
  7. For musical theatre entries, a music system must be provided by the entrant and operated by themselves or their representative.
  8. No accompanying music will be permitted for Spoken Word entries.
  9. Props may be used in both Spoken Word and Musical Theatre categories.
  10. No special effects that cause a fire risk such as smoke machines and smoking guns may be used. If in doubt please seek permission. There will be no stage lighting available at the Festival.
  11. Spoken Verse Solo – Set pieces must be the version supplied on the Berkshire Music & Arts website. Points will be deducted if an alternative version is read. You can get a list of Set Pieces by clicking here.
  12. Entrants do not have to seek copyright permission for poetry, prose, or solo acting and song items which are covered by Berkshire Music and Arts Festival’s membership of the British Federation of Festivals. Drama Duologues and Acted Group Scenes (Musical Theatre and Spoken Word) are not covered by this agreement and the performers should seek copyright permission for these items, before entering. In these cases, royalties are payable by and the responsibility of the entrant.
  13. The system of marking will be in accordance with the scale of British Federation of Festivals.
  14. The use of any photographic or recording equipment during the performances is not allowed.
  15. Practice rooms are available
  16. No challenge cup will be awarded to any competitor gaining less than 84 marks.
  17. All cups awarded at the Festival are to be returned to Mrs Jackie Stuart, Byways, Sweetzers Piece, Mortimer RG7 3UX by 16th March 2019.
  18. No points will be awarded for costumes. We recommend that you wear blacks or uniforms (school or stage school).